Good planning is half the battle

Compex Commerce offers integrated resource planningRessourcenplaner_DE_1

Everyone is familiar with the situation that more and more tasks need to be accomplished in less and less time with little staff. Facing this challenge, it is inevitable to precisely plan the tasks and resources in order to meet deadlines and to fully exploit the potential of the employees.

For this reason, Compex will enlarge its new release 3.50 of the standard software solution by a task and resource planning feature with workflow functionality. The term “resource” does not only refer to employees but also to the vehicle fleet and goods receipt doors, for instance. All tasks, resources, and times of the merchandise management, logistics, and accounting modules may be planned and processed within calendar views.

The new graphical task and resource planning feature is based on specific requirements and tasks of the retail and wholesale industries including their business processes.Ressourcenplaner_DE_2

Compex Commerce with its integrated workflow and follow-up management facilitates the efficient control of business processes to a large extent. Based on defined rules, the merchandise management, logistics, and accounting modules ensure the event-driven generation of tasks, resource allocations, and appointments.
When needed, the user may process the suggestions by using drag & drop in different calendar views ranging from daily to annual calendars. The user may then draw up plans for one or several resources with scheduling conflicts and reservations above and below capacity being highlighted. Other views may be used to search free time frames or to view the occupancy rate and availability of resources.
The advantages of the new resource planner at a glance:

  • Automated allocation of tasks and resources
  • Automated forwarding and escalation of tasks
  • Timely identification of resource overload
  • User-friendly thanks to visualization of planning data for one or more resources
  • Highlighting of scheduling conflicts and reservations above and below capacity
  • Graphical overview of resources, tasks and scheduled times
  • Clear scaling of time axis: from hours per day to weekly or monthly views