Compex with Stable Growth

Independent Survey – Compex awarded Top Rating

The rating agency Hoppenstedt has awarded Compex Systemhaus GmbH the creditworthiness index 1. Merely 4.4% of the 4.7 million enterprises examined in Germany achieved this outstanding result. The Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH checks German firms annually and awards indexes for the respective creditworthiness in terms of school grades from 1 to 6.

The Heidelberg software forge has established itself internationally with its standard software for wholesale and retail. Compex Commerce covers all the business processes of a trading firm: from merchandise management with e-commerce through logistics and billing. Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Penny, ProMarkt und Coop d’Alsace are only a few examples of notable customers throughout Europe. Company founder Christophe Loetz laid the basis for this success in 1985. Since then, the company has grown to 85 employees.

With the handing over of the certificate on March 22nd, 2012, Dr. Eckhard Geulen congratulated the owner and head of the firm, Christophe Loetz, and complimented him for the rarely given award. “The rating underscores the importance of Compex as an employer in the Heidelberg region and the twenty-five-year course of solid growth,” according to Dr. Geulen, who is the Regional Director DACH of Bisnode Deutschland GmbH, parent company of Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH.

“This extremely positive rating gives our customers security and the certainty that they have a dependable and stabile partner on their sides. In this way, our organic growth strategy and the sustainable stability of our enterprise are once again confirmed,” says Christophe Loetz, head of Compex Systemhaus GmbH.













Christophe Loetz, head of Compex Systemhaus
GmbH (right) accepts the certificate from
Dr.Eckhard Geulen, Regional Director DACH
of Bisnode Deutschland GmbH.


About Hoppenstedt CreditCheck

Core activities of Hoppenstedt CreditCheck Business Rating Agency are risk rating and creditworthiness assessment. The basis for the rating of companies is their available financial data and information on their payment behavior. More than 650 million pieces of payment information from the world’s largest payment-experience pool are used as the basis for the analysis. Hoppenstedt is thus one of the leading credit-rating agencies in Germany.

About Compex Systemhaus GmbH

The Heidelberg firm Compex Systemhaus GmbH, founded in 1990 by Christophe Loetz, has successfully established itself in the market as provider of the standard software Compex Commerce for wholesale and retail. The reasons for this are the fundamental experience in the sector, the high consulting competence and the orientation to the needs of the customer. Compex has strategic partnerships with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. Compex teams are made up of highly qualified experts with many years of practical experience: business, logistics and project specialists as well as software developers. Compex works for customers in the sectors Food/Non-Food, Electrical Appliances and Entertainment Electronics, Discount, Hardware, Personal Care, Technical Equipment, Plumbing, and Construction and Building Materials.

The standard business software Compex Commerce is logistics and merchandise-management software specially oriented to the requirements of business and which is suitable for chain retail, multi-level trade and pure wholesale. The system contains integrated bookkeeping functionality and an explicit controlling module. The good scalability of Compex Commerce is to be emphasized. It is successfully in production in large installations with several thousand users as well as in smaller trading enterprises with 20-40 users. This is made possible through broad and deep functionality in the standard version of the software as well as extensive possibilities for customization.