Entertainment-Electronics Wholesaler PRO&Cie using the B2B-Portal Solution from Compex

80% of PRO&Cie member orders currently placed over the B2B portal.

PRO&Cie, a company of the Thuillier Group, is one of the leading entertainment-electronics wholesalers in France and Belgium. More than 1,100 members are connected to the central purchasing operations in Thionville.

Presently, the group has over 15 warehouses with a combined area of 55,000 square meters. Members have access to an assortment of over 7,500 articles from well-known manufacturers, such as household appliances and televisions as well as audio, hi-fi, photographic and telephone equipment.

PRO&Cie used their own software for over twenty years. To meet the demands of constantly increasing order volume as well as the growing requirements of e-commerce, the company elected to implement Compex Commerce’s standard merchandise-management and logistics system, including the modules for merchandise management, warehouse logistics, bookkeeping and the B2B portal.

With the implementation of Compex Commerce, PRO&Cie has achieved its project goals of:

  • minimizing order-processing costs through a reduction in the volume of written and telephone ordering, increasing the proportion of order volume over Compex Commerce’s B2B portal to over 60%;
  • reducing costs through “shortest-route delivery”, thus minimizing shipping and transport costs;
  • minimizing warehouse costs while maximizing the degree of service through automatically generated inter-warehouse stock transfers;
  • increasing turnover through sales-supporting online information on the portal, such as product descriptions, labels and cross-warehouse stock-level information;
  • high-performance operation of the B2B portal with up to 3,000 simultaneously logged-in users daily;
  • quick reactability to market requirements through the possibility of release-compatible in-house development of software modifications and customizations as needed;
  • reduction of the administration costs for the operation of IT infrastructure and software solutions, for example by the fact that the entire system can be administered by a single person;
  • reduction of the license costs for the connected members;
  • conversion of the central operations and all 15 warehouses on a single weekend.