At Compex, we dedicate ourselves to providing a structured and integrated retail and wholesale business process architecture. Since 1985, our software house has implemented efficient process-oriented and future-oriented standard software solutions based on Compex Commerce.

CX_LogoThousands of users trust our long-term experience. Our concept is convincing and our customers include some renowned company groups throughout Europe, such as Coop Alsace, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Penny, and ProMarkt as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, such as Bach, expert TechnoMarkt, Krapp, and Schrade.

Our innovative and flexible standard software solution Compex Commerce and our standardized implementation concept paved the way to our success. The methodological approach “Best Enterprise Engineering” (BEE) on the one hand, combined with the corresponding software “Business Engineering Environment” (BEE) on the other hand, are crucial factors of our 2BEE concept.

Our specifically designed business process modeling tools provide users with the ability to model all processes from merchandise management with e-commerce to logistics and accounting because


Everything is process!